'Longmire' season 4: Will cancelled show get renewed? A&E find viewers 'too old'

"Longmire" is still waiting for anyone who'd like to pick up the series for its fourth season, after A&E dropped the show. Previously, USA Network was pointed out as one of the interested networks to take on "Longmire" Season 4. However, there is still no confirmation about this.

Fans of "Longmire" hate A&E for what they did. The network dropped the show, not because it had poor ratings but because the company deemed that its viewer demographic isn't making them enough money.

At first, A&E explained the reason behind the cancellation in a press statement. The reason cited was that A&E wants to own their TV shows and that they want to focus on in-house productions. Later, the real reason was revealed – it was because "Longmire's" viewership is "too old" for A&E.

GLOBE Magazine (print edition) wrote in its Oct. 6 edition: "The cast of A&E crime drama Longmire are crying foul over the show being axed – because it's viewers were too old!  Despite high ratings the TV hit was suddenly cancelled after three seasons – and now outraged fans are trying to save it!"

Further, the inside source also said, "The cast [of Longmire] was told that the network is trying to reach a younger audience."

Who wouldn't be mad? "Longmire" had 5.6 million viewers and A&E left all of them hung out to dry.

Digging into why A&E doesn't want an old audience is because they don't make money from it. Sponsors pay for commercial time, and the best money comes from the 18-34 year old demographics. And even if there were 5.6 million viewers, the sponsors aren't targeting this age group. However, "Longmire" isn't attracting the younger key demos, so they got axed. Pure and simple.

Elsewhere, Adam Bartley is doing some work on "Bones" while he awaits news for a "Longmire" season 4 pickup. He will guest-star in Episode 10. He tweeted about it and how he misses his "Longmire" family, saying, "Guest Starring on other shows (Bones today) is work. Fun work. But it always leaves me missing my #Longmire family. #LongLiveLongmire"