Korn bassist Fieldy on what made him become a Christian: 'I got a little taste of Jesus, it was amazing'

Reginald 'Fieldy' Arvizu(Photo: SHINE Sessions)

He's a member of one of the most successful metal bands in the world today but fame, fortune and all the drugs his money could buy were not able to give Korn bassist 'Fieldy' the peace he was missing.

Fieldy - real name Reginald Arvizu - surprised fans several years back by becoming the second Korn member to become a Christian after Brian 'Head' Welch's conversion.

Speaking at a recent outreach event at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, California, Fieldy opened up about how the death of his father brought him to a "vulnerable place".

Being at his father's side in his final days was a real eye opener to his own limitations as he realised he was powerless to save him.

"Being in Korn, being successful, there was a lot of power in that.  So I ran with a lot of power and money and pride.  And I was able to fix anything with that," Fieldy said.

He was so convinced he could buy his dad's recovery with good doctors and medical treatment that "I wasn't even tripping that he was gonna die".

When he did move his father to LA for treatment, instead of getting better, his condition deteriorated.  And the time came when his dad flatlined at his hospital bed.

It was the moment that finally pushed him to the point of "tripping" and he recalled dry heaving into the sink because he had become so "hard hearted" that he wasn't able to cry in the moment of his father's passing.

"I was so hard hearted because power and pride," he said. 

But in that "vulnerable place", his wife Dena asked him if he would like to say a prayer with her.  He agreed and she asked him if he would invite Jesus into his life.

"And I was like, "Yeah, sure.  And I did it, not meaning much of it," he said. 

A couple of days went by and Dena, her sister Christy, and his dad's wife, Mindy, prayed with him again.

"But I really listened to it this time," he continued.  "And what really hit me is she asked me to ask Jesus into my life and he forgives me for my sins — for all of my sins. And I went to bed with that much of it, and I was, like, 'All of my sins? All of 'em?' And I was, like, 'Woah!' And it just lifted this burden off me.

"And when I accepted the Holy Spirit into my life, it was, like... It's, like, only He can come in and there's like a 'reset' button in there and he reset it and gave me a clean slate. And I was blown away, laying in bed, going, 'No way!' So I got that little taste of Jesus — just that. That was it."