Is this the best vicar posting in the world?

Among other attractions, Ascension Island is famous for the turtles that come to lay their eggs once a

Vicars looking for their dream parish need look no further as the Church of England has published an advert seeking the next vicar of Ascension Island.

One of the most remote parishes in the world, the British territory in the South Atlantic is 1,000 miles off the coast of Africa and 1,400 miles from the coast of Brazil. After Father Don Wittich retired earlier this year at the age of 80, the island paradise is looking for a new vicar.

With a tiny population of around 880 people, Ascension Island is known for its warm climate, white sandy beaches, rare birds and endangered turtles who come once a year to lay their eggs.

"It is a wonderful place," said Canon Nicholas Turner who served on Ascension Island in the mid-1990s.

"It is hot all year round. Everyone knows everyone," he told BBC Radio.

The island is crime-free with "plenty of fishing" and there's no tax on alcohol. However, the Church of England who advertised the post earlier in the year have only received one application so far.

"The island is safe, we leave keys in the car, doors open all day whether we are in or out," said outgoing vicar Father Don.

"To us it's a paradise, we are desperately sorry to be leaving. It's no ordinary parish."

The sole church on Ascension Island is St Mary's,

However the exotic island is not a God fearing place, said Turner.

The residents "are all young people earning lots of money who have no need for God until something goes wrong."

A successful applicant would be responsible for one church and would also act as part-time chaplain to the RAF base which is stationed on the island.

"While this post is not for somebody at the beginning of their career who seeks inner-city life and constant challenges all the time, it is a superb place with lots of interest, lots of fun – and lots to keep you on the go," said Richard Fenwick, the bishop of neighbouring island St Helena.

"Of course, one of the greatest advantages of an incumbency here is that there are two flights up to Brize Norton, and two down from Brize Norton every week. This means that on Ascension you are never more than 9 hours away from Oxford. In fact it's easier to get home from Georgetown than if you were living and working up in parts of Scotland."