House of Cards season 3 release date: Writers hard at work for next season after successful S2 [PHOTO]

The House of Cards season 2 only launched less than a week ago, on Feb. 14, 2014, but avid fans have already binge-watched all 13 episodes, and are hungry for more of the political drama series.

The team behind House of Cards is currently hard at work writing the script for its third series.

Show creator Beau Willimon recently posted a snap of the team of writers behind the hit drama with the caption "Howdy from the @HouseofCards writers room! We're hard at work on Seas 3 for y'all. 800 pages to go! @netflix."

Kevin Spacey's Frank Underwood says "the butchery begins" mid-way through the second series.

With a shocking death and Underwood doing whatever it takes to stay in power, viewers can't wait for more. Netflix broke another record high with House of Cards season 2, reporting a surge of new subscribers on the launch day.

Robin Wright, who plays the Second Lady Claire Underwood, recently revealed that she could see the House of Cards drama going for eight seasons. "Sure, bring it on," she told TheWrap.

Meanwhile, Kevin Spacey also predicts that the show can go on for 12 seasons. When asked how long he thinks the show will go on for, he told Digital Spy; "12 years, 12 seasons."

Kate Mara, who plays Zoe Barnes, also said, "They could go on with the story as long as they want. There's a lot to play with."

However, Willimon has not revealed how long the show will last for. He told TV Guide: "The way I approach each season is, let's not keep any great ideas in reserve – let's use them all. By the time it's the end of the season, we have no more ideas – in some ways, no idea how to keep the show going. We might have some notions of where it can go. [But] treat every season as though it's your last, don't hold anything back.

A season at a time it is – with Willimon's team hard at work for the season 3. With Spacey's comment of "12 years, 12 seasons", the third series is expected to release around February 2015, with consecutive series to follow within the same timeframe.

House of Cards season 2 started filming in April 2013 so the third season may begin in just a few months as soon as the hardworking staff of writers (pictured below) finish the script.

Writers working hard on the House of Cards season 3Twitter/BeauWillimon