'GTA V' DLC rumor: Halloween-themed expansion?

Grand Theft Auto VRockstar

There have been rumors that Rockstar Games might be coming out with a Halloween-themed expansion, or at least a timed exclusive DLC pack with event items.

According to Day Herald, although there is no record of Rockstar Games ever outing a DLC for "Grand Theft Auto V" to celebrate the Halloween, the developer may come out with a pack for the upcoming event. The clamor for the next DLC is so strong that players themselves have created their own wishlists, and some fans came up with their own renders and concepts of what they think the next DLC would look like.

According to IBTimes, avid "GTA" fan and occasional tipster MrBossFTW listed down some of the items that may come included in a Haloween-themed DLC pack, including scary masks, melee weapons such as a scythe, tattoos, and a Romero hearse as a timed, Halloween period-only vehicle. Meanwhile, for clothing, "GTA" fans would like some dark and scary-looking costumes that match the holiday.

A separate report by the publication mentioned another avid fan of the franchise, YouTuber DomisLive, showcasing versions of different Halloween-themed shirts and uppers for Franklin. The shirt designs range from simple "This is my Halloween costume" statements to ghost characters with "Boo!" tags. There is also one render where Franklin, aside from a Halloween-themed shirt, also sports a Halloween-inspired mask.

However, Rockstar Games still has not confirmed that an upcoming Halloween-themed DLC is in the works. While fans keep on piling up items on their wish lists, the developer has yet to announce if any upcoming DLC, for that matter, will be forthcoming – particularly since "Grand Theft Auto V" has just been updated. The current update to the title is the Freemode events update, where the Rockstar Editor has been incorporated into the console versions of "Grand Theft Auto V." Different Freemode events have also been put up for fans to accomplish and rack up more cash and reputation.