'Dragon Ball Super' episode 53, 54 spoilers: Goku fights Zamasu while Trunks reaches full potential

A screenshot of Black Goku from "Dragon Ball Super"Toei Animation

"Dragon Ball Super" recently saw a short hiatus when episode 53 was pushed back from July 24 to July 31. According to a report from Ecumenical News, fans waiting for the show will be delighted to learn that the episode will contain a high-level fight between Goku and the mysterious new character known as Zamasu. 

Goku, Whis and Beerus will meet Zamasu in Universe 10 as they continue to track Ki similar to that of Black Goku, the mysterious villain that not only looks like Goku but is supposedly the main enemy in the future where Future Trunks comes from. 

It is revealed that Zamasu has a very similar Ki to Black Goku although it is undetermined if he and Black Goku are one and the same. To determine if he has the right Ki that the team is looking for, Goku will challenge Zamasu to a battle.

The title for the episode does reveal that Black Goku's true identity will be revealed, which is why fans continue to speculate that this Zamasu might indeed be Black Goku in disguise or someone related to him. 

Episode 54 has also been detailed and its title, "Inheritor of the Saiyan Blood: Trunk's Resolve," suggests that Future Trunks may unleash his full potential. According to Mobile N Apps, it is hinted that either Gohan or Future Trunks will learn how to transform into their Super Saiyan Blue forms. 

However, it is also implied that Goku and Vegeta might not be the ones to inherit this "true Saiyan blood" and it might be a plot reference to Trunks proving that he is just as much a Saiyan as his forefathers are. Vegeta also tells Future Trunks that he has a gift, likely to be intense training, that will help Future Trunks become Super Saiyan Blue.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 53 airs this July 31.