'Dragon Ball Super' episode 103 sees Gohan take on Botamo and remaining warriors of Universe 10

Facebook/toeianimationPromotional image for "Dragon Ball Super" by Toei Animation.

"Dragon Ball Super" may have focused on Universe 6 Saiyans but in the upcoming episode of the hit anime series, Gohan will get to flex his muscles against a warrior bear and the last of the fighters from Universe 10.

The synopsis for episode 103 of "Dragon Ball Super" titled "Don't Go Easy, Gohan! Decisive Battle With Universe 10!!" was made available recently. It reads, "Fight against Universe 10! Gohan's decision!! Universe 10 warriors are cornered by Universe 2 warriors, who showed their true colors! Gohan of Universe 7 prepares to go against Botamo and Universe 10 warriors!!"

After a long wait, Gohan will be able to test his mettle against Botamo from Universe 6. The bear-like fighter has a large build and is able to bounce around and knock over opponents. He has the ability to take flight through the manipulation of his ki. Botamo also has the power to fire off energy waves from his mouth, hands and ears.

It is suggested that Gohan will not have a tough time beating Botamo as he will face the three remaining warriors of Universe 10 later. Seven members of this universe were already eliminated; therefore, if Gohan is able to defeat the last three, Universe 10 will be completely defeated.

In the trailer for the next episode, Gohan is shown delivering the powerful Kamehameha move against the warriors of Universe 10 and it strongly implies that he will be able to take them down despite being outnumbered.

In related news, the synopsis for episode 104 titled "A Faster-Than-Light Battle Begins! Goku And Hit's Joint Front!!" was also released concurrently with the upcoming installment. It states that Hit from Universe 6 will be at a disadvantage because of Universe 11. Goku will come in to help Hit to even the odds against Dyspo and Toppo of Universe 11.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 103 will air on Sunday, Aug. 13 at 9 a.m. JST on Fuji TV.