Does believing in aliens conflict with Christian faith? One apologist says yes


Some people believe that aliens exist, but is it okay if Christians believe the same thing? The answer is "no," according to Dr. Danny R. Faulkner of Answers in Genesis.

"The thought that aliens might be living on other planets may sound innocent enough. But lurking underneath are some deep theological dangers," he wrote on their website.

Faulkner said Christian belief about extraterrestrials is no trivial matter. He noted though that the Bible makes no mention of "ETs or flying saucers." If there is life on other planets, then that must mean God made them, too.

"From the Bible, we know that this is not how life came about on the earth. Rather, God especially created life on this planet," he said. "It would be inconsistent to believe that God created life on earth but that life arose naturally on other worlds."

If people believe that life naturally arises whenever the conditions are conducive for life to exist, then the existence of ETs becomes a theological question — a serious one at that. Faulkner said God certainly could have created life on other planets, but it would be inconsistent to what the Bible says.

"It says that God did not create the earth in vain, but that He made it to be inhabited. While the Bible is not geocentric (placing the earth at the physical center of the universe), the earth is the center of God's attention. Humans — and not ETs — are God's primary concern in the universe," he said.

Since there have been a lot of unexplained UFO sightings, Faulkner warned that Satanic deception might be taking place. People who believe in aliens normally believe in evolution and reject the Bible. These people will normally grasp at anything to disprove God's teachings.

"They are well aware that alien life conflicts with the teachings of the Bible. To them, the reality of ETs disproves the Bible," he explained.

Earlier, Answers in Genesis founder Ken Ham also said he does not believe in the existence of aliens. He was questioned whether these extraterrestrials, who do not know of God, would join God in heaven or go to hell.

But the creationist's answer was very simple. "I don't believe in aliens, so there will be no aliens in hell!" he simply said.