British women top international ugly poll

Beer-swigging, rudeness and terrible dress sense have all helped British women come out on top of a poll of the world’s ugliest women.

British women won 22.4 per cent in the survey conducted by the Real Holiday Reports website, followed by American women with 16.7 per cent.

The results suggest that while many British women are attracted to the ladette image, the rest of the world does not share their opinion.

Respondents to the survey complained that British women were unladylike, not shy about belching or passing wind in public.

They are also unashamed to let their fat hang out of their clothing and often war bikinis that are “too tight”.

Specifically, respondents said British women were “rude”, “drink pints of beer like men” and “end up drunk in the gutter”.

The results of the survey were published in today’s Daily Mail. Germany came in third place with 15.7%, followed by Eastern Europeans, Spaniards and Turks.

Gary Hewitt, who runs the website, said Britain women needed to sharpen up their behaviour abroad.

“They are increasingly seen to behave more like British men and end up drinking as much as their blokes and letting it all hang out,” he said.

“It’s not a good reputation and if we want to improve our image we need to sharpen up a bit.”