Beyonce New Hair 2013 PHOTOS: Short Pixie Look like Halle Berry

Beyonce has brand a new look. The songstress ditched her long hair for a new short pixie crop, giving her a dramatic new look for 2013.

The singer stunned fans on Wednesday when she unveiled her new hairdo, sparking some to believe the new haircut has come in response to an incident earlier in 2013 when a fan grabbed and pulled her hair in Serbia where she was performing.

Beyonce launched her new look by posting photos of her new hairdo on her Instagram account, showing herself looking in the mirror with her new short hair.

She is also seen in short sleeve printed T-shirt and gilt choker, and in that photo it shows her pixie cut from the front, slightly combed back and parted to the side. Her dark roots can also be seen in that shot.

Beyonce is well-known to be a diehard weave user for years, and fans have been left shocked at the dramatic new style. Some have immediately compared it to Rihanna, who has shown off a shorter hair look for many years now.

Others have also brought up Halle Berry, who famously cropped her hair short for her film Boomerang. Following that, hundreds of women rushed to hair salons to get copy cuts, and some are wondering whether Beyonce will spark such a craze as well this time round.

On Beyonce's Instagra account the comments and feedback have been overwhelmingly positive for the mother of one. It is unclear whether Beyonce will decide to keep the new short hair look for long, but given the positive feedback she could decide to keep it for a while.

However, fans will likely see Beyonce with a full head of hair again soon, as she has a wig collection estimated to be worth $1 million.