Actor-producer Kirk Cameron seeks to give people 'renewed joy for celebrating Christmas' in his movie

Christian actor and film producer Kirk Cameron seek to give people 'new eyes to see' Christmas in his movie 'Saving Christmas.'(Facebook/Kirk Cameron)

Christian actor and film producer Kirk Cameron is a self-confessed fan of Christmas, and the 45-year-old star of "Saving Christmas" hopes that he will infect others with his passion for the holidays when they watch his film.

"I'm hoping that people will take away a renewed joy for celebrating Christmas," Cameron told the Gospel Herald. "I'm hoping to give them new eyes to see it through, so everything from the decorations to Santa Claus to all the presents and festivities, I want people to see all those things as reason to celebrate the fact that God came to this earth to shine light in the darkness and bring life where there is death."

Cameron said Christmas brings out the best in people because they are reminded of the birth of Christ. He did note that there would be the occasional Scrooges who are intent on destroying the holidays for others, so he made "Saving Christmas" to show how disdain towards Christmas can be transformed into deep love and respect for people.

"People can get really upset about Christmas trees and Santa Claus. So, this movie is about a guy who is upset about the decorations his wife puts up in his house for Christmas because he actually thinks it takes away from the Christmas season. I go out there and take him by his Christmas sweater and attempt to give him new eyes through which to see all these traditions," he shared.

Cameron also dished out some advice on how people can turn frowns into smiles this Christmas just like his character did in the movie.

"Everyone loves to be thought of and appreciated, and giving gifts is a way to show someone that they love them. Of course, they shouldn't be maxing out their credit cards and going into debt, and commercialism can put a sour note on the holidays. But we should lean into the celebration and the joy and the gift giving and the decorating and the celebrating and the feasting—that is the heart of 'Saving Christmas'," he said.