5 unique Bible games for Christian families to play together at home

Ben White/Unsplash

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If you're a Christian family looking for some unique games that you and your kids can play to have a lot of fun together, you'll want to check out the ideas below.

You can be sure to implement these unique games on a regular basis to bring your family closer together and learn more about God and the Bible while having fun at the same time.


This Bible version of Pictionary is a ton of fun and has the entire family involved. You start by writing down various scenes from the Bible and placing the pieces of paper into a bowl or hat.

Split the family up into two teams and have a member of each team come forward to pick a piece of paper out. Their task is to then draw the scene out on a large piece of paper or whiteboard for everyone else to guess.

The team that guesses the greatest number of scenes correctly by the end wins.


This way of playing hangman is pretty similar to the classic game. However, each person has to use phrases or words that come directly from their favorite book of the Bible. It's another game where you can divide the family into two teams.

Have one team draw while the other team has to try and guess the letters. If the team guessing the letters get them all correctly, they get a point. However, if they don't and the team drawing the hangman manages to complete the drawing, they win and get a point instead.

Keep score of the points for both teams to see who wins overall by the end.


Playing a game of charades is an incredibly fun game that families love getting together and playing. To put a Biblical spin on the traditional game, Christian families can act out scenes from the Bible for others to guess.

Write down a number of different clues to stories in the Bible and have each person come up one at a time to pick out the pieces of paper at random. They then have to act out the scene without speaking until the members of their team get it right.

To make it more challenging you can set a timer or a limit on the number of guesses the team has. If they fail to guess it correctly, the opposing team has a shot at guessing.

Treasure Hunt

Getting the family together for a treasure hunt is a super fun game that kids will love playing. To make it even better for Christian families, you can set up clues around the house that are related to the Bible.

You start by giving everyone involved the first clue which they then have to try and solve to find the next one. This process continues over time until they eventually track down where the treasure is hidden.

It may also be a good idea to allow people to use the Bible for help. If they aren't too sure on what a certain clue means, they can read clues referenced the Bible to give them further information in relation to the clue.  And then you can end the game by using it as a tool to teach about the meaning of true treasure and seeking what is of greatest value - God! 


Playing a Christian version of Bingo is a lot of fun for the entire family. It helps everyone improve their knowledge on bible verses in a fun way.

This game will require some blank bingo cards to play. Alternatively, you could make your own. Start by finding around 30 Bible verses and choosing a single word from each of them – be careful not to pick out a specific word that appears in another verse.

List all the words that you've chosen as well as a separate list that includes the word along with the entire verse. Only the person being appointed as the bingo caller gets to see the list with the entire verses.

Give each player a bingo card and get them to fill in the blank spaces with words that are from the list. The bingo caller then shouts out verses and a number while everyone searches through the bible to try and see if that verse has any of the words that they have on their card.

The people who do can mark it with something and continue as a regular game of bingo. As soon as someone has completed their rows, they call out "Bingo!" and win.


If you were finding it difficult to think of new and exciting games for your children, we hope that we've provided you with some awesome ideas.

Be sure to start using them on your family game nights!