'WWE 2K16' characters: Boogeyman joining the roster?

WWE 2K162K Sports

"WWE 2K16" is touted to boast the biggest roster in the history of the long-running franchise. However, developer 2K Sports hasn't been as generous in revealing the game's playable characters as putting them in, which is why the rumor mill is churning 24/7 for information.  

Recently, speculations have surfaced that the Boogeyman has a spot in this enormous ensemble. This was instigated personally by the radical wrestler. This past week, he posted a photo of himself posing ominously with the "WWE 2K16" logo plastered on the image. 

With 2K Sports not formally announcing his inclusion, website What Culture thinks that either the worm-eating, clock-smashing wrestler is campaigning to be included in the game or he is doing himself the honor of revealing to his loyal fans that he is actually a playable character. 

It is still unclear whether or not the latest iteration of the popular game will have Boogeyman aka Marty Wright. Product Reviews suspects he may simply be getting help from social media to get in, encouraging the WWE universe to "make some noise."  

To note, the fighter hasn't been in the ring since 2009 excluding minor random appearances. He wasn't that active the following years up to now.

However, it looks like getting to be a playable character in the game is not about how active or dormant a wrestlers' career has been. According to Australia Network News, WWE Diva Natalya has spilled the beans that her dad, Jim Neidhart, will also be a playable character in the game. Better known as The Anvil, Jim often wrestled with Bret Hart as his tag team partner. He was one of the last three men standing in Wrestlemania 2 Battle Royal but he hasn't been in the ring for quite a while. It will be exciting to see him fight again in "WWE 2K16," but it will even be more exciting to see him fighting alongside Bret Hart. 

Whether or not these characters end up joining the mix, only time will tell. "WWE 2K16" will be released Oct. 27.