Stream of Praise "Love Over Flows" Gospel CD

By a little spark, light can be seen;
By true love, souls will be awakening;
By an eternal hope, life will restlessly knit the dream of God.

Love in the grip of one man can only bless people around,
But the flowing love sows the seed of hope.
Sending to millions of souls.

Would you like to offer this precious love?

May we move our heart:
May we open our minds;
Let the love of God move to all people.

There are totally 17 gospel songs in "Love Over Flows" Gospel CD. The theme songs are "Love Over Flows", "The Grace of Love Lasts for Whole Life", "The Blessings from Autumn Rain",etc. Most of the songs has a lively and gentle melody, keeping the style of the Stream of Praise's style.

The lyrics in "Love Over Flows" draw the picture of love. "Let the love moves, may it becomes the seed of hope, dancing with the wind, knitting a beautiful dream. Let the love moves, may it melts into a warm hug, shining like the sun, knitting the love of God." The lyrics are enchanting, no strange that many churches had used "Love Over Flows" as the theme of their activities.

"Love Over Flows" is produced and published by the Stream of Praise music ministry. It has been published for over half a year, but it still very popular among the Christians. According to Bread of Life Bookstore in Taipei, it ranks the number one among all the gospel music. Each CD costs NT$350.

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