US Conservative Leaders Attack 'Progressive' Evangelicals, Catholics, Clinton

Wayne Grudem is among conservative leaders attacking progressive evangelicals

Conservative Christian leaders have written an open letter attacking "progressive evangelicals" and Catholics while calling on them to repent.

They say there are a number of Christian leaders and ministries which focus on social justice, immigration reform and the environment and are "turning our nation over to the enemies of biblical faith". They are also accused of being too close to funder George Soros.

Among those criticised are Jim Wallis from Sojourners and Richard Cizik from the New Evangelical Partnership. The letter seeks to link them with Soros, the billionaire financier of liberal political causes. The move will be seen as another intervention by conservatives who remain committed to supporting the Republicans in the presidential election. Their fierce denunciation of liberal and progressive causes is allied with an attack on Hillary Clinton, who is accused of "openly declaring war on Christian believers and the Church".

"We must reclaim the Church's witness in the world," the letter reads. "Biblical truth and wisdom are the highest love for human beings. While God loves justice and mercy for all, many 'social justice' campaigns are politically crafted and not the true gospel."

The letter was published on the website of an organisation called the American Association of Evangelicals, which appears to have been created for the purpose of sending this letter and should not be confused with the main umbrella body for evangelicals – the National Association of Evangelicals.

The full-throated attack six weeks from the presidential election comes from a long list of names including author Eric Metaxas, theologian Wayne Grudem and historian David Barton. These three along with others on the list have been vocal supporters of Donald Trump's campaign for the presidency.