Tesla vs. Toyota electric car wars heat up


Tesla and Toyota are two of the top makers of electric cars today, and while Toyota was the first one in the car industry to intentionally work on electric cars to combine perfection and practicality, Tesla was the first one to make electric cars look hot and luxurious. 

Already around since the early 2000s, the newest model of Toyota's Prius will be launched this November. The 2016 Prius now sports a better look than its predecessor – the streamlined design, lower and longer hood profile, and rounded corners make this car look like a sports sedan than a hatchback. CarandDriver reports that the 2016 Prius plug-in version will be using a lithium-ion battery that powers an electric motor with the capability to produce 150 horsepower. The range of the all-electric variant will be up to 30 miles for a single charge. 

Meanwhile, the Model-S 70D, the most affordable car of Tesla Motors today, lists much higher specs than the Prius. However, the obvious advantage of the new Prius is that it can be purchased for only $25,000, while the Tesla Model-S 70D will sell for $75,000. 

The Model-S has a 70 kWh battery. It powers two motors (for the front and rear wheels), each having a rated output of 259 hp, allowing the car to reach a top speed of 140 mph. This all-wheel-drive vehicle also boasts an impressive 240-mile range. 

Tesla also has another frontrunner in the green energy car category, the Model 3, an affordable offering that can be bought for only $35,000. Toyota seems gearing for a major offensive as it braces for the arrival of the Tesla Model 3.

To counter Tesla's lineup, Toyota will be fronting its fuel-cell car, the Mirai. This Toyota flagship has the better range, thanks to its hydrogen fuel cell. It has a 312-mile range (EPA), making it the first emission-free car to get to that level of efficiency. 

The green vehicles war is far from over as other car makers are also joining the fray. But with Toyota confident in the company's Prius and Mirai lineups for its electric car campaign, the carmaker might be able to defend its turf in the electric car market.