Ten missionary women who Just. Can't. Even.

These Victorian missionary women just can't even. I mean, really. No. Just no. With the heat and the flies and the moustaches and the photographers, they are done. 

1. This woman in Africa who is so over this dinner party

Ugh. Your tie. It's like you stole it from a scruffy child. I... I just can't.

2. This woman who was told she'd be looking after a handful of children

SRSLY? Can't. Even.

3. This missionary nurse being papped during surgery

Of course you can take a picture. We're not doing anything important.

Why would I mind?

4. This lady enjoying a quiet romantic meal with her husband just cannot

Bread AND water? You spoil me.


5. This young lady and her mum enjoying the thrill of hammock travel

Everyone is having a marvellous time. Wish you were here.

No, really.

I love this.

6. These missionary wives who just can't anymore with the hats

Yup. Happy to be here.



7. This woman receiving a direct order to smile and say cheese

Just hangin' with my buds. Chillin'.

8. This missionary nun who just can't with the language lessons anymore

Say "let's conjugate the verb for" again. I dare you.

I double dare you.

9. This missionary on a day out in China who has seen things. Terrible things.

What do you mean, "look less scary"?

10. Mary Poppins just can't with the flying and the chimneys and the whatnot

How about a spoon full of shut your mouth?

Thanks to the good people at The Angus Library and Archive for these classic images of Baptist missionaries.