Pray for our MPs, says Christian Institute

(Photo: Unsplash)

Christians are being encouraged to pray for the nation's MPs at a time of significant change after Thursday's General Election saw Labour overturn 14 years of Conservative leadership. 

Labour's landslide victory has ushered in a new era in British politics, but some conservative Christians are fearful that the change may not be a welcome one. 

The new government is more liberal on a range of moral issues, including gender-identity. On this issue, Labour has promised to make it easier for people to change their legal sex and introduce "a full trans-inclusive ban on conversion practices". 

Ahead of the election, Prime Minister Keir Starmer said he was "personally in favour of changing the law" to allow assisted suicide in England and Wales, and has promised to give parliamentary time to debating a change to the law.

The Christian Institute's Acting Director Ciarán Kelly said it was important that Christians pray for and engage with their MPs.

He encouraged Christians to build "constructive" relationships by writing to their MPs and inviting them to speak at their churches.

He also said it was important that Christians press their MPs to "pass laws which restrain evil and promote good". 

"I would encourage Christians to commit to pray for their local MP – whether or not they voted for them," he said. 

"Get in touch with them, ideally in person, and let them know that's what you're doing. This is a great opportunity to start building a new constructive relationship, or renew an existing one. For example, many of the more than 5,000 churches that support the CI have previously invited their MP to a Sunday service and found them more than willing to attend.

"These men and women need our prayers and the Bible instructs us to pray for them. They also need to hear from informed Christians prepared to urge them to pass laws which restrain evil and promote good. Make your Christian voice count."