Patrick Sookhdeo's victim set for payout from Barnabas Fund after charity agrees to settle tribunal

Patrick Sookhdeo outside Swindon Crown Court last year.SWNS

Barnabas Fund and Barnabas Aid International (BAI), with BAI's former international director Patrick Sookhdeo, have settled an employment tribunal case brought against them by the victim of Sookhdeo's sexual assault out of court.

Sookhdeo assaulted the woman at work in February 2014. When the victim reported the incident an internal grievance procedure investigation was launched by Barnabas Fund which cleared Sookhdeo. He was allowed to return to work even after he had been charged by the police, with the board of BAI expressing its "full support" for him.

He was convicted in February 2015 of sexual assault and of intimidating witnesses. He remained in place as BAI's International Director until he was arrested in November last year over allegations of indecent assault.

The victim claimed damages in connection with the sexual assault and injury to feelings. While the amount awarded has not been released, historically, damages in cases such as this have ranged up to £50,000, plus several tens of thousands of pounds in legal fees.

Barnabas Fund declined to comment on the award when approached by Christian Today.