Barnabas Fund's Patrick Sookhdeo arrested on suspicion of indecent assault

Patrick Sookhdeo outside Swindon Crown Court earlier this year.SWNS

Patrick Sookhdeo's resignation yesterday from the Barnabas charities he founded followed his arrest on Saturday on suspicion of indecent assault, Christian Today can reveal.

Sookhdeo, 68, who founded Barnabas Fund and Barnabas Aid International to support persecuted Christians, was found guilty in February of sexual assault and of intimidating witnesses.

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson confirmed that a 68-year-old was arrested at 20.32 on Saturday, November 21 at Heathrow Airport on suspicion of indecent assault. The spokesperson said: "He was taken to a west London police station and was later released on police bail to a date in late January pending further enquiries."

A spokesman for Barnabas Fund and Barnabas Aid International said the charities had no comment to make on the arrest.

Sookhdeo's resignation from the Barnabas charities followed an investigation by Christian Today which exposed a number of serious complaints about his management style and a damaging row with trustees.

However, Christian Today can also reveal that Sookhdeo's resignation as a trustee of Barnabas Aid International and from his positions as International Director and CEO of Barnabas Fund does not mean that he will cease to be seen at the charities.

Barnabas rents its headquarters in Pewsey, Wiltshire, from Servants Fellowship International (SFI), of which Sookhdeo is a trustee. Sookhdeo continues to maintain an office at Barnabas headquarters in part of the building still held by SFI.

Barnabas Fund and Barnabas Aid International had not responded to questions about whether Sookhdeo still had access to the Barnabas charities' staff and support services or to the extensive library on the site when this article was published.