Only God can save America now, warns Christian evangelist Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham addresses the crowd during his Decision America Tour.(

Only God can save America from its secular worldview that is hostile to biblical values, according to Franklin Graham.

In his March newsletter, Graham calls on thousands of people across American to pray for the nation, its people and its future to reverse the "advance of godlessness".

"We have come to a defining moment in this country. A secular worldview hostile to biblical values has overrun our culture and permeated our government," he warns.

"Rather than seeking to stem the tide, our educators, politicians, and judges aid the advance of godlessness. This cannot continue if our children and grandchildren are to live in a country that still recognises God and upholds religious liberty."

He singles out no particular politician for criticism. "No political party or candidate is capable of providing the solution. Only God can turn our nation and the hearts of its people. That is why I am going to every state capital in America this year to call churches and Christians to repentance and prayer for our land, challenge believers to engage in the election process at every level, and proclaim the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ."

He was writing after returning from leading prayer rallies at the state capitals in Columbia, South Carolina; Atlanta, Georgia; and Honolulu, Hawaii, as part of his 50-state Decision America Tour.

More than 27,000 people have taken part in the prayer events in the first seven states, and hundreds have made a decision for Christ after hearing the Gospel at a rally.

Graham continues: "We are losing our country and the freedoms we have enjoyed. As Bible-believing Christians, we are the ones who must take action before it's too late."

On his Facebook page he calls for a truce to "the insults, the back-stabbing, the dirty tricks, and the name-calling that has been spewing from most of the presidential candidates."

He accuses the candidates of "childish bickering" and says they must return to the important issues.

"It's obvious that this country is in trouble—spiritually, morally, and politically."