Franklin Graham applauds Texas couple for standing by their Christian convictions by refusing to serve same-sex wedding

Reverend Franklin Graham says gays are once again ‘attacking Christians for what they believe.’(BGEA)

Another Christian couple have come under fire for affirming their faith and values. Texas bakers Edie and David Delorme are facing the wrath of the LGBT community after they refused to let their business take part in a same-sex wedding.

Reverend Franklin Graham is applauding them for standing up to their Christian beliefs. "Here we go again — gays attacking Christians for what they believe," the evangelist writes on his Facebook page. "They want to force everyone to accept and condone their lifestyle which God's Word defines as sin — but they are blatantly intolerant of others."

Graham is disappointed with how society is throwing its conscience out of the window by accepting things that God has deemed as wrong.

"Look at what they did to Edie and David Delorme who own the Kern's Bake Shop in Texas and refused to make a cake for a same-sex wedding. I applaud the Delormes for standing by their Christian convictions," he adds. "Encourage them — or, better yet, if you're anywhere nearby, stop by their bakery and let them know you're praying for them."

The Christian couple have received tens of thousands of supportive comments after Graham's post. "If they would have asked for a cake for a birthday or any other event I'm sure they would have been served. It was the event or the marriage of the individuals that they didn't feel comfortable providing service for. Therefore I don't see how anyone could say their rights were violated," Lycia Conley wrote.

Ed Bartolini said: "The world is following its pattern of sin. It doesn't end well for those who chose to stay in the sin line. I pray many will hear the gospel and be drawn to Christ for salvation. Franklin isn't anti anything except sin as defined by God who desires that none be lost."