Natalie Grant thanks fans for 'worldwide prayer chain' during daughter's illness

Christian singer Natalie Grant has shared how the prayers of her fans gave her the strength she needed while her daughter was severely ill in hospital.

Christian singer Natalie Grant shared pictures of her daughter in ICU with her fans, asking them to prayFacebook

Grace Anna, Grant's eight-year-old daughter, was rushed into hospital on December 28 after the skin around her mouth turned blue.

Doctors took her straight to ICU, where they found that Grace had complications from her asthma, including a collapsed lung.

Amid the panic, Grant took to social media and posted the developments of her daughter's condition.

Grant's husband, Bernie Herms, took a photo of her laying on the bed, praying for Grace, and posted it on Facebook, accompanied with a plea for her fans to pray. It was seen by millions and got hundreds of thousands of 'likes'.

"I have all these people who would pray for my kid," Grant told the Tennessean. "I honestly didn't expect it to be what it was. It was literally a worldwide prayer chain.

"I'm reading these comments and it gave us a ton of strength."

Instead of posting "airbrushed pictures and telling them how well this single is doing on radio," Grant said she used social media to "build a community of people who really know who I am," and so felt it was appropriate to share her daughter's visit to hospital.

She said that the posts were not for validation or attention: "I was a mom who was panicking and really desperate to have people pray for my kid."

She kept her fans updated, one evening asking them to pray that her daughter's oxygen levels climb from the low 80 per cent. By morning, they were one hundred per cent.

"That morning she woke up and she was eating a real meal and talking and giggling and wanting to play games," Grant said. "She just seemed like Gracie."

Less than a week later, Grant posted a photo of her daighter with balloons on the back of her wheelchair, ready to go home. She posted: "We are thanking God for the miraculous recovery Gracie had."