Natalie Grant grateful for husband's support as she cares for their daughter in hospital

Natalie Grant hugs her daughter Gracie in her hospital bed.(Facebook/Natalie Grant)

Christian singer Natalie Grant went into a frenzy during the holidays when her daughter Gracie suffered from a sudden collapsed lung.

Grant shared a photo of her daughter in the hospital on her Facebook page and encouraged prayers for her little girl. "My daughter Gracie has pneumonia, a partial collapsed lung and is in respiratory distress. We would so appreciate your prayers," she wrote.

The call for prayer seemed to work because one day after, Grant reported that her daughter showed some signs of improvement.

"I am overwhelmed by all of your prayers and love for my Gracie-girl. She's still in the ICU with pneumonia, RSV and partial collapsed lung, and all of this sent her asthma in to overdrive. She's exhausted, I'm exhausted but we know that God is completely in control, and we have peace in the midst of chaos," she said. "A few hours ago, Gracie's breathing finally started showing signs of improvement!!! So thank you for your continued prayers."

While at the hospital, Grant came to the realisation that each person has his or her own ordeal to face and that it is important for people to maintain a positive perspective. When her husband switched places with her to care for Gracie so she could get a shower and some sleep, the singer thanked God for the blessing of her husband.

"I thought about all the precious lives who have been here for weeks, some even months. I also wondered about those who would never leave here. And as I saw so many blurry-eyed parents, I found myself wondering how many are single. Statistics tell me many are. I paused for a moment and thanked God for my amazing husband, who is a partner in every way. I then prayed for every little life in this pediatric unit. And I prayed for the parents—that they would be infused with strength and peace. I prayed that God would give me opportunity to minister to some while we are here. And I prayed for the single parents—that they would discover they DO have a Help Mate available," she said.