Is Donald Trump the Messiah or His Forerunner? Some Jewish Leaders Believe So

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) speaks to then Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump during their meeting in New York on Sept. 25, 2016.Reuters

Is the Messiah here already?

Some Jewish religious leaders believe this to be true. More astoundingly, these rabbis believe U.S. President-elect Donald Trump could be the Messiah, if not his forerunner, someone like John the Baptist, The Christian Post reported.

Pastor and end times author Tom Horn is one those who believe on the prophetic implications of Trump's electoral victory.

Appearing on televangelist Jim Bakker's show on Monday, Horn said about 300 years ago, a rabbi known as Horowitz set the date for the Messiah's arrival on the Jewish calendar in the year 5777, which corresponds to a period between 2016–2017 in the Gregorian calendar.

The author referred to the Jewish religious book called the Zohar, a part of which set the date for the arrival of the Messiah in the Jewish year 5773, which corresponds to 2012 to 2013.

"Oddly enough, Trump goes to Israel in 2012, decides not to run for U.S. president, meets with heads of states, comes out of that. You can watch YouTube, and he starts talking to the Jewish people telling them to vote for Benjamin Netanyahu, which they did," Horn said.

"What the Zohar said was he will be identified. From that day on forward, there have been at least a dozen Jewish rabbis that have said the Messiah is on Earth now. He's been identified, he is soon going to make himself known," he said.

Horn explained that Jews and Christians have different views on the Messiah. Christians think of the Messiah "after the model of Jesus," but that's not how the Jews look at the Messiah, he said.

"They're looking for a king. They are looking for a political leader ... Messiah to them means the anointed one, and it goes back to the ancient days when they would anoint a king and recognise him as this is the man that God sent," Horn said.

For the Jews, the Messiah will be a strong political figure, he said.

"First of all, they are looking for somebody in a political figure who can lead decisive battles in defence of Israel," Horn said. He then recalled the statements made by Trump who once said, "If I'm elected president, I'm going to be the biggest friend Israel's ever had" and "We're gonna undo the Iran deal."

The Jews believe the Messiah would come from the Davidic bloodline. A group of people is now seeking to trace Trump's roots to the biblical King David.

However, while some rabbis think Trump could be the Messiah, others believe he is a forerunner to the Messiah, like John the Baptist.

"I'm not saying that they actually think he is the messiah. What I actually think is that most of the rabbis there think he's John the Baptist and the messiah is about to appear. He is the forerunner," Horn said.