Indonesia: One dead and three churches destroyed after religious clashes


Three churches were attacked and at least one person was killed in Aceh, Indonesia on Tuesday, as religious tensions rise.

Hundreds of Muslim men attacked two churches and set them on fire, before attacking a third church, where a man was killed in clashes with Christians defending the building and police.

The attacks follow a protest last week, where a group calling themselves "Aceh Youth Concerned For Islam" demanded that churches, which they claimed were unlicensed, were torn down.

The local government had agreed to respond to their demands, but not quickly enough, and on Tuesday the group acted themselves.

"After burning the church, the mob tried to attack another church, but it turned out Christians were already at the ready," Aceh police chief Husein Hamidi told AFP.

"A clash occurred, and one man was killed after being shot in the head with an air rifle," he said.

The man that was killed was reportedly from the attacking group. Four others were injured, including one member of the police.

Religious tension has been building in Aceh, the only province in Indonesia where Sharia Law has been officially introduced and is increasingly being imposed upon non-Muslims.