Pakistan: Christian head teacher beaten by Muslim co-workers


A Christian head teacher has been attacked by Muslim co-workers in Pakistan who said they refuse to work under a Christian.

Police had to be called to Pernawa village school, Pakistan, on Monday when Muslim teachers beat the Christian headmaster of the school, Saddique Azam.

The teachers attacked Azam both verbally and physically, saying: "You are a Christian and Choora so how can you be Headmaster and our senior?"

"Choora" is a derogative term used to describe Christians in Pakistan.

The attackers threatened him and pressured him to resign, saying if he wanted to remain as the head then he would have to work according to their directions, according to ICC.

Azam refused to accept their demands and was subsequently severely beaten.

The police were called and three teachers were arrested, however the police were reluctant to file a report of the incident and no charges have been made.

Azam's promotion to headmaster had been disputed since the decision was made three months ago, and is yet to be acknowledged by the official education department.