'God of War 4' news: Story gives Kratos a chance at redemption

God of War PS4Sony

Sony's Santa Monica Studios recently unveiled a brand-new "God of War" game during this year's E3 and one of the most notable changes is the inclusion of Kratos's son, Charlie. According to a report from Cinema Blend, the game's changes and story will give Kratos a second chance at attaining redemption. 

This will mark a signficant change in the series as the previous "God of War" games have always been about Kratos seeking vengeance against the Greek gods. According to the report, the game resembles "The Last of Us" in many ways and this may not be a bad thing as "The Last of Us" was critically praised for the relationship of its main characters.

"The first seven games in the 'God of War' series are about him trying to forget that past, and he always blamed somebody else for his problems," explained director Cory Barlog. "He's finally taken the initiative here, left his home and settled down in the forest of Scandinavia where he is trying to build a new family."

Barlog also explained that Kratos did attempt to kill himself but failed, eventually accepting the fact that he is cursed to walk the Earth eternally. By accepting this and by trying to redeem himself by raising a son Kratos may finally become someone else, something beyond the murderous warrior that the past games presented him as.

It is also explained that Charlie will not be a burden unlike how many NPCs can be in some video games. Kratos's son will be able to help in combat, he can read runes and perform activities that Kratos simply cannot. Kratos will be teaching his son how to become a god like his father is and Kratos will learn about his own humanity from his son. 

No official release date has yet been announced but it is expected to launch for the PS4 by the holidays or in early 2017.