Evangelicals are growing in France

(Photo: Unsplash/Rodrigo Kugnharski)

The number of evangelical Christians continues to grow in France.

A new statistical report by the National Council of Evangelical Christians (CNEF) shows that there is now one church for every 25,000 inhabitants.

Five years ago, there was one church for every 29,000 inhabitants.

The number of evangelical churches has risen from 2,521 in 2017 to over 2,700 today.

It is a significant increase from 1970, when CNEF said there were 769 evangelical churches.

In the last half century, evangelical churches have been opening in France at a rate of about 35 a year.

The Assemblies of God France accounts for the largest share of evangelical churches (530), followed by independent churches (308).

In 2017, there were 650,000 practising evangelicals across France and its overseas territories. Today, that figure stands at 745,000.

According to CNEF, the numbers represent a 15-fold increase in French evangelicals since 1950.