Doomsayer 'adjusts' apocalypse date: Now it's 7 years away — September 2022

An asteroid slamming into Earth at Chicxulub in what is now Mexico in an undated artist's rendering. The event reportedly took place around 65 million years ago and wiped out more than half of all species on the planet.Reuters

For the past months, several predictions about the end of the world have made headlines, causing fears and panic for some. The blood moon astronomical event, the nuclear deal with Iran and the instability in the Middle East have been taken as signs of imminent doom for the planet, which all turned out to be false claims.

But the doomsayers are not finished yet. Mark Biltz, the man who warned against a possible apocalypse brought by the blood moon last month, is once again making a prediction about the end of the world, this time saying that doomsday will happen in seven years' time. At least it will take seven more years before another probable false claim comes to pass.

Blitz is basing his claim on what he calls as "God's calendar," which he said reflects God's structured plan for the world which supposedly follows a pattern.

"What is important to understand is this is a seven-year time frame according to the biblical calendar," Biltz said, as quoted by

"God reveals himself through patterns," he added.

He also used the so-called Shemitah cycle—introduced by bestselling author and scriptural teacher Jonathan Cahn—to explain his doomsday prediction.

In his book "The Mystery of the Shemitah," Cahn attributed this cycle to historic events such as numerous stock-market crashes, the return of the Jewish people to Israel, and the Israeli conquest of Jerusalem.

"Every seventh year, known as the Shemitah year, the land of Israel was to rest, just as the people were to rest every seven days," Biltz explained.

He added that the start of a new Shemitah cycle or "Rosh Hashanah"—which fell on Sept. 13, 2015—will mark the beginning of the end.

"On Rosh Hashanah in 2015, we began a new seven-year cycle that concludes on Rosh Hashanah in 2022. If the Tribulation did not start on Rosh Hashanah in 2015, it cannot start until the beginning of a new seven-year cycle meaning Rosh Hashanah of the years 2022, 2029, 2036, 2042, etc. These are the years that begin a new seven-year biblical cycle," Biltz said.