'Deadpool 2' news: Ryan Reynolds thanks Vancouver, trolls Tom Holland during filming

FOX Networks Group website"Deadpool" featuring Ryan Reynolds.

The production of the much-awaited "Deadpool" sequel seems to be in full swing as roads in downtown Vancouver were closed to give way to its filming. Parts of the city that were closed for the filming of the upcoming "Deadpool 2" film caused traffic delays for its residents. While many griped about the inconvenience, a few were happy to flock the streets to catch a glimpse of Ryan Reynolds and other cast members.

Reynolds, who plays the titular hero character, sent his appreciation to the city for putting up with the road closures and traffic delays. He also used the opportunity to subtly troll Tom Holland and his Spiderman film. Being very active in Twitter as he usually is, Reynolds posted a photo of himself posing with members of the Vancouver Police Department.

Known for his trolling antiques on social media, the actor did not waste the chance to troll on another very popular comic book and movie hero, Spider-Man. He very subtly and cleverly put the blame for the traffic caused by their filming on a Spider-Man movie. He even went as far as tagging actor Holland, who played the webslinger in the movie "Spider-Man: Homecoming" in the photo. The caption reads, "Thank you #VPD. And the great people of Vancouver for putting up with road closures and traffic delays as we film Spider-Man downtown." 

The act will surely gain appreciation of Reynolds' fans because it shows both his gratitude for the city and the police who helped Deadpool's production with the road closures, and it once again shows his bright and clever sense of humor. Fittingly, Reynolds very much resembles his alter ego Deadpool in his penchant for pulling verbal pranks via social media on other people, and even on his own daughter.

Recently, Reynolds was the one who gave fans a first glimpse of the film's time-traveling warrior Cable, played by Josh Brolin.

"Deadpool 2" is set to be released in theaters on June 1, 2018.