'Criminal Minds' season 10 premiere: Jennifer Love Hewitt's character has secrets of her own


"Criminal Minds" is a show that features tons of different villains and killers, each with their own weird and unique profiles. In Season 10 of the popular TV series, another interesting killer will be introduced in Episode 9.

This new killer is definitely an extraordinary one. Michael Ausellio of TV Line shared details about this new killer and other things about the 9th episode of Season 10.

"The long-running CBS procedural is hiring a woman to do a man's job (i.e. kill lots of innocent people). In this season's ninth episode, the show will take the unusual step of introducing a female unsub — and she sounds like Patrick Bateman's twin sister," Ausellio revealed.

"The character is described as a successful, extremely attractive thirtysomething career woman who is impulsive, emotional and prone to sudden rages," he further described.

Ausellio also said that it will be in the same episode that Rossi's second wife will be introduced through a 1994 flashback.

Further Ian Nelson of "Teen Wolf" will appear in Season 10 of "Criminal Minds." According to Zap2it, Nelson will play an emotionally-disturbed teenager who is harassed with Internet morbid selfies.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Love Hewitt's character, FBI Agent Kate Callahan, will play a big role in Season 10 as her character will replace Jeanne Triplehorn. But based on TV Guide's report, Agent Callahan also has some secrets up her sleeve.

Agent Callahan will be immediately introduced in the first episode. Her character will develop over the course of the season. But when it's time for her to investigate a case, her personality is unveiled.  TV Guide says that a case involving a plane crash will cause some of her secrets to be revealed.

The 10th season of "Criminal Minds" will premiere on Wednesday, Oct. 1, at 9 p.m. on CBS. If you miss tonight's episode, be sure to catch it online via live stream on the CBS website.