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  • prayer-armor

    5 prayers to say at night for bedtime

    Whether it was a good or bad day for you, you must always to thank God for all the blessings He has given you.

  • most-popular-verses-in-america

    The 5 most popular Bible verses in America

    Thanks to the Internet and mobile apps, it is easier to find out which are the most popular Bible verses anywhere in the world. Would you like to find out the best Bible verses that Americans love?

  • family

    Prayers mothers can say for their children

    A mother's love for her child or children is incomparable. It can move mountains and cross seas. With the help of the Lord, a mother can train her children to grow up knowing God and continue the walk with Him. But to be able to do that, a mother must also lean on the power of prayer for protection and guidance.

  • bible-verses-to-fight-satan

    Bible verses to help fight when Satan and the forces of evil are attacking me

    The sad thing is that the devil is relentless. He will not stop until he breaks your faith and leads you far away from God. His antics will truly test you. So if you feel like the devil is attacking you, here are the Bible verses to keep in mind to help you fight back.

  • Why does God allow suffering and evil in this world?

    "Why does God allow suffering and evil?" is the most common question you'll hear from an unbeliever or someone who questions his/her faith. As Christians, we've also wondered the same thing, but our faith is stronger than our doubts and we believe there is a reason for this. Here are the possible answers.

  • mark-wahlberg

    Male actors who are proud to be a Christian

    There's no better stage in the world to talk about God than in Hollywood where everyone is watching and listening to you. This is why it makes us feel so happy to hear popular and respected actors talk so openly about their faith in God.

  • tv-shows-christians-must-watch

    5 TV shows Christians should watch

    While "Game of Thrones" will almost always rank as the #1 TV series in the list of many, do take note that there are TV shows out there that Christians can learn a lot from. If you have plenty of time to spare in the coming weeks, give these TV shows a try.

  • christian-party-songs-for-parties

    5 Christian songs to play at parties

    Ditch the songs with sexual innuendos and play these upbeat Christian party songs instead.

  • christian-rock-bands-to-listen-to

    5 Christian rock band you may not know

    We should welcome diversity in the music we listen to as long as it praises Christ. If you're into rock music, give these bands a try.

  • christian-songs-for-easter

    5 Christian praise & worship songs for Easter

    With more and more artists putting a contemporary twist on classic hymns, it will be good to hear some new Christian tracks to add to your celebration. Here are five songs (a mix of old and new) to add in your Easter playlist.

  • bible-verses-on-grieving

    5 Bible verses for comfort when grieving

    While people cope differently, there is one common denominator for everyone who is grieving, and that is the Lord. The Lord can restore hope and give strength during those trying times. If you're grieving right now or know someone who is, focus on these Bible verses.

  • what-is-the-purpose-of-marriage

    What is the purpose of marriage according to the Bible?

    As Christians, we must know what the true purpose of marriage is so that when you get married or already married, you can focus on achieving such goals. Here is the purpose of marriage.

  • christian-books-to-read

    5 Books Christians must read

    It's good to hear God's workings from the perspective of others, and for some, their real life testimonials. Let these books inspire you and give you more wisdom to share the gospel with others.

  • how-to-forgive-someone

    How to forgive someone who's done something unforgivable?

    However unforgivable you see an act is, we also have different ways to cope with the pain and forgive someone. But when your heart is so broken and hurt, how can you push yourself to forgive your offender?

  • daily-devotion-ideas-for-easter-good-friday

    5 Daily Devotion Ideas for Easter, Good Friday

    Holy Week is a splendid time to reflect and dig deep into your faith. Use these questions to reflect on how you've been as a Christian, your understanding of the gospel, and how you can be more worthy of God's love.