Christian relief agency responds to 'widespread destruction' in South East Asian Floods

A flooded village in Assam, India.Reuters

The floods that have hit south east Asia have caused widespread destruction and meant many families have lost everything. That's according to Christian relief agency Tearfund which estimates 16 million people have been affected by the severe flooding. It's one of a number of Christian organisations taking part in the response to the disaster.

A third of Bangladesh is under water. Tearfund spokesperson Steve Collins said: ''Food, clean water and access to medical care are critical needs right now.' He says the situation is made worse by the fact that some of the affected areas are very difficult to reach.

'As is almost always the case, local people are helping each other, doing what they can to rescue their neighbours and make it to safer ground, he said. 'We would ask people to pray for the millions affected and welcome any support people can give as we continue our response.'

Areas of Nepal and India are also affected by the flooding which is said to be the worst humanitarian crisis to hit the area for many years.

The death toll is already over 200 and the summer monsoon season is yet to reach its end, which is usually in September.