Billy Graham's daughter says prayers have carried her through breast cancer battle

Anne Graham Lotz revealed last September that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer

Evangelist Anne Graham Lotz has told supporters that 'most' of her battle with cancer is already won as she thanked them for their prayers over the course of her treatment. 

Lotz, the daughter of late evangelist Billy Graham, has been receiving chemotherapy after being diagnosed with breast cancer last year. 

In an upbeat blog post, she wrote of her 'heartfelt gratitude' for the prayers of supporters over the past half year.

'Your prayers have helped carry me through surgery and seven chemo infusions that have stretched out over six months. Praise God!' Lotz wrote. 

'Most of my battle with cancer has been won! Even as I have struggled with severe side-effects, I have experienced deep peace, unceasing joy, and great expectancy of blessing to come! Thank you!'

The next stage of her treatment is daily radiation therapy, starting at the end of March.

'I also will continue an infusion every three weeks until October 2019 to help insure the cancer will not return,' she said.

'As so many of you know, cancer is a wicked disease. As God brings me to your mind, I would treasure your continued prayers,' she said. 

In a separate update, her brother and fellow evangelist Franklin Graham said he was grateful that the chemo had finished. 

'While she has had some difficult side effects from the chemo, she continues to count her blessings and praise God for all He is doing,' he said.

He also thanked Christians for their continued prayer for Lotz, saying they were a strength and encouragement to her.  

'She has been so encouraged and strengthened by the many, many prayers. We are grateful for each one who lifts her up in prayer—thank you!'