'American Horror Story' season 4 episode 10: 'Orphans'

The upcoming episode of "American Horror Story: Freak Show" is one to watch out for. It is the mid-season finale and every fan should prepare for what's coming — death. 

The title for episode 10 is "Orphans" and, according to the synopsis, there will be another death in the freak show camp. Further, the death will have a big effect on Pepper (Naomi Grossman) and it will also lead to the return of her sister, Sister Mary Eunice (Lily Rabe), all the way from season 2. 

Just a brief background, Sister Mary Eunice is a nun at Briarcliff Asylum and it's a place for the criminally insane. According to Entertainment Weekly, Rabe and Grossman will reprise their roles. They are the first ones to reprise their roles in more than one season in the TV series. 

Pepper was also introduced in Season 2 as a patient in the asylum. She had microcephaly but this wasn't the reason for her staying there. She actually drowned her baby sister and cut her ears off. 

How's the timeline? "Freak Show" takes place in the 1950s while "Asylum" is set in the 1960s. This means that Pepper in season 5 is actually the Pepper before getting locked up. Could this mean that the coming death is what will push Pepper to commit the heinous crime? After all, it did say that the death will mess her up big time. 

As for Sister Mary Eunice, the details are kept secret. FX would like to surprise viewers in the mid-season finale. Nonetheless, Pepper's story will definitely be explored in this episode. In addition, the history of the freak show will also be revealed in the episode. And Desiree will be suspicious of Maggie. 

"American Horror Story: Freak Show" will air on Dec. 17 on FX. Don't miss the mid-season finale before the series goes on a winter hiatus. In the meantime, here is the promo trailer.