Gray figure captured on camera during President Obama's visit to Kenya?

Still frame of a mysterious image racing across TV screen as President Barack Obama arrives in Nairobi, Kenya, on July 24, 2015.(Kenya CitizenTV)

A "gray figure" was reportedly captured passing through the camera when President Obama landed at the airport in Nairobi last July 24.

The "gray figure" particularly appeared after Obama went down from Air Force One, and began shaking the hands of Kenya government officials led by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The mysterious blur appeared first from the right side of the camera, then swept towards the left side in just a split second.

Christian author and evangelist Perry Stone admitted that he was baffled by the gray figure during Obama's arrival in Kenya, pointing out that there are "spirits" in that part of the world.

"(The blur) doesn't mean he's possessed. That doesn't mean there's a demon on him or anything like that, but there are spirits in that part of Africa," Stone reportedly said through livestreaming on Periscope entitled "A Demon on Obama?"

The Christian evangelist nevertheless said this could well be just a technical glitch, or a bug, or out-of-focus person.

However, he said that cameras today can pick up light-sensitive things that are not immediately visible to the naked eye.

"There are things that show up when you take a picture at times, and I'm not trying to be weird or goofy here," Stone explained.

It is worth noting that President Obama did controversial things during his visit to Kenya that are not aligned with the Christian faith.

Most notably, Obama tackled the issue on homosexuality and gay rights, despite requests from African presidents prior to his visit not to even mention this issue.

The US President also castigated African leaders who hold on to their positions for years. He even joked about the possibility of a third term, which fuelled speculation that he might push for martial law in the US.