Forget Serial, here are the 5 Podcasts with a Christian twist that you need to be listening to


Podcasts are back and this time they're better than ever. You may have been a keen listener of the hugely popular Serial or any number of the equally well-received audio offerings that have been part of the latest craze but when it comes to podcasts with a faith angle, how many make your list? If the answer is zero, then rest assured because help is at hand. And even if you consider yourself to be a Christian podcast connoisseur, there's a chance that at least one of these isn't yet on your radar.

This post on podcasts has got a slight female theme, but you can enjoy and benefit from these audible no matter what your gender.

Rooted - Beth Redman and Pippa Gumbel host this monthly podcast which is aimed at women (men are welcome to listen too). They interview special guests, share stories and discuss scripture. Beth says she hopes the podcast "feels like a community, a friendship, a sharpening tool." Why not check it out to see for yourself?

VOUS Church - Dawncheré and her husband Rich Wilkerson Jr are both lead pastors at Vous Church. This podcast features both of them and other guests. It's an audio upload of their weekly services in Miami but no matter where you are in the world, you're welcome. If you're searching for an insight into faith from a female perspective, then Dawncheré's podcasts may be just what you're looking for. New episodes are uploaded each Monday.

St Luke's Gas Street Church- Similar to the Vous Church podcast, the Gas Street Church podcasts are recordings of their services in Birmingham, England. This church is fairly new so there have only been a handful of uploads so far but one of them is from Rachel Hughes. She kicked off their Kingdom series with the episode 'Kingdom Invitation'.

Bible in One Year- You may be familiar with the Bible in One Year programme, but did you know you can also listen to it on the go? The main element of the podcast is delivered by Nicky Gumbel, Alpha Course pioneer and vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton, but his wife, Pippa Gumbel, adds her own teaching to the end of each episode. New commentary is added daily.

BBC Religion - So, as you've probably guessed this isn't a strictly Christian podcast but it does feature some great discussions on the Christian faith. If you're a history buff or interested in learning more about the historical development behind certain aspects of Christianity, then the podcasts found here have plenty to keep you interested.