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4 drawbacks to sharing our faith on social media

It's great that church leaders and celebs like Justin Bieber use Instagram and other social media platforms to share Bible verses, but snapshots of the Christian faith do have some drawbacks.


Fairtrade wedding rings: 5 ethical options for your big day

Wedding rings are one of the most significant purchases a bride and groom will make for their wedding day. For couples who want to ensure that all that glitters is (Fairtrade) gold and that their bands are symbol of more than their love for one another, ethical rings are the answer. Here are five options that are both sustainable and stylish.


8 Bible verses to help you find true hope

These eight Bible verses will help you realise that hope is a lot more than well-wishing, positive thinking and something comforting to say when things aren't looking too good. Maybe next time you or someone you know is in what appears to be a hopeless place, you'll look to these to guide your words, your thoughts and your actions.


9 Bible verses to meditate on when you're navigating stumbling blocks

If you're having a hard time navigating your way around stumbling blocks or have recently fallen short of what God requires of you and are in need of reassuring that you are still loved by Him, and that He will help you to rise once more, take a look over the following Bible verses.


God speaking: what does the Bible have to say about hearing His voice?

Because we should trust God more than anyone else, it's natural that we should look to Him for guidance and allow His words to steer our steps. But hearing Him isn't always easy. The following Bible verses look are great sources of wisdom for us as we get to know God's voice and understand how to respond to Him.