5 Great Christian Apps for Your Daily Devotion

The smartphone is indeed one of the best technological innovations of our time, and it will be in your best interest to use it a tool to continue your walk with God – wherever you are and whatever time of day it is. There are several Christian apps out there that can help you with your daily devotions, and they're free to download too. Here are some of the best daily devotion apps you can start with:


1. YouVersion Bible App

If you can't bring a Bible with you at all times, then you can rely on this app to turn any time into a personal time with the Lord. The YouVersion Bible App features 1,000 versions of the Bible, so it doesn't matter what language you're using. The app also allows you to bookmark favorite verses, which comes in handy if you're planning to do a daily devotion on a specific verse. This is definitely an essential Christian app you must have on your smartphone.

2. First 5 App

Nothing will get you going than devoting the first minutes of your day to the Lord. However, if you find yourself lacking ideas on how to do a daily devotion first thing in the morning, the First 5 App can surely help you in that department. The app has an organized way of studying the bible, alongside suggested scripture passages that you can study on a daily basis. It's really a great app to start your day with.

3. She Reads Truth

Being a woman is hard, and the She Reads Truth app goes beyond simply providing daily devotion ideas for women all over the world. The app actually serves as a hub for women to join hands together, while offering encouragement and inspiration to each other through the process. She Reads Truth also allows women to do some journaling and real-time commenting to be able to offer support to one another when following the Gospel every day.

4. Got Questions

All Christians have questions to ask about God, the Gospel, and the Christian faith. The never-ending questions are one of the beautiful things about Christianity. It's like traveling on a road to discovery and finding the answers you seek. Got Questions is an app that will help you get your answers even with the toughest questions. If that's not enough, you can also share this app with people you're discipling to or with those who are still unsure about Christianity.

5. Stitcher

If you're riding the bus to work or walking a couple of kilometers to reach your destination and can't find the opportunity to read, then you can just listen. Stitcher is an app that provides religious podcasts to Christians in the U.S. There are shows you can tune into like Good Christian Fun, which can be entertaining but will also give you ideas for your next daily devotions or at least, something to reflect on for that day.

Let these Christian apps help continue your walk with God wherever you go. Whether you're in the office or waiting in line at the supermarket, your on-the-go daily devotion apps will definitely come in handy. Not to mention, if you're running out of ideas for your daily talks with God, these apps are a convenient solution.