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Sarah Abell is an author, relationships coach and a regular contributor to Christian Today. Find out more at www.nakedhedgehogs.com

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How to survive a joint holiday and still stay friends

Going away with anyone for the first time can be an elightening experience. Whether it is a new boyfriend or girlfriend, close friends, the new in-laws, your home group or a group of strangers, there is nothing like spending a concentrated amount of time in a confined space to bring out the best and worst in people. Here are my top tips for surviving.


Do your words bring life or death?

What if we avoided criticism, gossip and hurtful comments and instead spoke words that encourage others, build them up and speak to their potential?


It's New Year: Time to reflect on 2015

The act of pausing and looking back allows you to take stock and to think about all that you have to be grateful for as well as considering lessons you have learnt or would like to learn before launching into 2016.