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Nic Lee

  • peace

    Peace as a fruit of the Spirit

    In the bustling and chaotic world we inhabit, the pursuit of peace often feels like an elusive dream. Yet, for us believers, the concept of peace goes far beyond external circumstances; it is an essential component of the fruit of the Spirit.

  • autumn

    The fruit of the Spirit: joy

    Unless we possess the joy of Jesus, our joy is not full.

  • lion

    Why a lion?

    Jesus is not just a gentle lamb, as he is often depicted in art and literature, but also the powerful and mighty ruler who can overcome any obstacle or challenge.

  • prayer

    Emmanuel: God with us

    With the help of Holy Spirit, we can experience Emmanuel: God with us in today's modern society.

  • listening

    How God speaks

    Discerning the voice of God is to distinguish it from the other voices we may hear.

  • prayers-in-the-morning

    One simple technique to help you dig deeper into the Lord's Prayer

    We can be so accustomed to saying the Lord's Prayer that we forget to stop awhile and soak in its richness