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Gabrielle Lewis

  • candle

    Loss brings grief

    Loss comes in many forms. We lose jobs, we lose money, we lose homes, we lose beloved things, we lose health, we lose friendships, we lose people. And when loss comes to us, it never comes alone.

  • pilgrimage

    Move forward or stay still?

    What are you focusing on? What are you working towards? Are you working towards anything? Are you achieving it?

  • trust

    Trusting God means not worrying

    God isn't my personal steward, to do or to act according to my will. If I was going to learn how to trust Him, I would have to do it His way, not mine.

  • marathon

    How to run the race well

    We aren't all sprinters or warriors, but God has a purpose for every one of us - a race for each of us to run.

  • speaking

    How can we speak to God?

    God doesn't want us to feel isolated from Him, or helpless and inadequate in knowing Him.