• David Baker


David Baker is an Anglican minister and former daily newspaper journalist. He is a regular contributor to Christian Today.

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The shocking truth about Anglican evangelicals

If you follow some secular media coverage of the Church of England, you might well be under the impression that its evangelical wing contained many who are divisive, homophobic and relentlessly negative.


Is God angry? If so, why?

The New Testament declares that 'God is love' – and that instinctively sounds rather appealing. The idea of the Lord being angry in some way is something from which we might well instinctively recoil.


How did we ever make Holy Communion so complicated?

Sometimes when as a church leader I contemplate everything connected with this thing we call 'church' I ask myself: 'Did Jesus ever really intend all this to be as complex as we often seem to make it?' I am 99.9 per cent sure the answer to that question is 'no'!


How the whole Bible hangs together – in one easy lesson

In our fortnightly pilgrimage through Mark's gospel we are now getting close to Jesus' execution. And as we do we shall see not only what it means for us today but how it ties up and explains so much of the rest of the Bible.