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  • how-do-you-invite-non-believers-to-church

    How to invite unbelievers to church? 3 things to consider

    As Christians, we are called to disciple to others. We have the duty to bring people closer to God, which means you also have to do your best in inviting non-believers to church.

  • bible-verses

    5 Bible verses to help with temptation

    Temptation is all around us. Every day, we deal with different types of temptation and as Christians, we always try our best to resist it. If you're currently struggling or know someone who is, these Bible verses can help.

  • easter-gift-ideas-for-pastors

    Best Easter gift ideas for your church pastor

    Easter Sunday is nearing, and we are reminded to thank Jesus and our Father for the sacrifice they made for mankind. However, you must not forget to thank the efforts of the people in your church, especially your pastor. This Easter Sunday is the perfect time to show them how thankful you are, and you can do that with these wonderful gift ideas.

  • what-does-the-bible-say-about-sex-before-marriage

    What does the Bible say about sex before marriage?

    In a world where premarital sex and promiscuity is no longer frowned upon, we can't help but wonder what the Bible says about these controversial topics. Cling on to these Bible verses for more clarity.

  • bible

    5 Bible verses for devotion before Easter

    The Holy Week marks an important event in Biblical history. Take this time to reflect on your actions, your heart, and your faith. To help you dig deeper into your faith, here are five Bible verses you can use for your devotions this coming Holy Week.

  • palm-sunday

    When is Palm Sunday? Meaning of Palm Sunday for Christians

    Before celebrating the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Day, it is important to remember the events that happened before it. While Good Friday marks the day of Jesus' crucifixion, Palm Sunday marks the triumphant arrival of Jesus in Jerusalem. Let's talk more about this event today.

  • easter-eggs

    Why do we have Easter eggs and the Easter Bunny at Easter?

    Every Easter Sunday, you'll see images of the cute and cotton-tailed Easter Bunny together with his colorful eggs. What do they have to do with Easter?

  • rude-and-offensive-boss

    Rude and offensive boss? How does the Bible advise me to react?

    You're dealing with your rude and offensive boss five days a week, eight hours a day. How do you deal with such a person and what does the Bible tell you to do?

  • bill-gates

    5 Christian billionaires you should know

    Being a billionaire is an impressive achievement. But, what's more impressive is being both a billionaire and a Christian at the same time. Learn who these people are, what they own, and how the Christian faith helps them deal with success.

  • the-golden-rule-in-christian-dating

    Christian dating's 'Golden Rule'

    Here's a new perspective on Christian dating to ponder on.

  • how-to-overcome-temptation

    How to resist temptation in a Christian relationship?

    The Bible has always been clear about saving yourself for marriage. However, the reality is, that many Christian couples struggle to follow this rule. Here are Bible verses you can cling to when your relationship is struggling with temptation.

  • family-prayer

    5 Prayers to pray with your children

    While young, introduce your child to prayer and take advantage of their quick memorizing skills. This will help them build their own personal relationship with God and understand that they can talk to God whenever they want to.

  • sunday-school-for-kids

    Why Christian parents should put their kids in Sunday school

    While you may attend worship service consistently, a child will have a hard time understanding why you need to do so. If you haven't let your kids attend Sunday school yet, you might want to reconsider. Here are a few reasons why Sunday school will be beneficial for your child.

  • christian-songs-for-kids

    5 Christian songs to teach young children

    For toddlers and young children, one of the best ways to introduce Jesus to them is through fun songs. While telling the stories of Jesus is another helpful activity, sing and dance songs are very motivating for kids.

  • how-christian-women-can-be-great-wives

    How Christian women can be great wives

    If you're married, ask yourself if you've been a good wife to your husband. If you're single, ask yourself if you'll make a good wife someday. If you're completely unsure, the Bible will help guide your path to being a great Christian wife today or in the future.