YWAM New York Team Travels to London to Pray for Bombing Victims

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) New York will send a team to London on 7th August to pray for the victims of the London Underground bombings last month. They are to offer comfort to the people of London through a listening ear and praying for their needs.

The six members in the team are YWAM New York Metro volunteers. They are originated from different countries: Korea, Britain, Holland and three others from America. They plan to set up "Prayer Stations" outside entrances of the Underground stations where the attacks took place. Three locations are confirmed so far: King's Cross, Edgeware, and Liverpool Street stations.

After the terrorist attacks in London Underground, metro services across the world have upgraded their security measures. Especially in New York, the security forces have been tense regarding the threat of terrorist attacks. The atmosphere in the Metro station has become very anxious and there is anxiety among the citizens.

Back in 2001 after the Twin Towers were attacked by terrorists on 11th September, the “Prayer Stations” set up by the YWMA New York Metro became a source of strength and hope for New Yorkers.

According to official figures, 50,000 people were prayed for at the Prayer Stations until September 2002. Some people even come from various States in America to New York to become part of this unique ministry. Also, many countries have adopted the ministry such as the Philippines, India, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Singapore, Niger, Russia, Kenya and throughout Central and South America.

At the "Prayer Station", there will be portable chairs, a table and a red banner which says "Prayer Stations". People will promote the prayer stations by handing out leaflets, and people in the booths will pray for the ones who stop and ask for a prayer.

"We will be going to London representing the people of NYC to say thank you for all the support we received from Londoners during the time of 9/11," said Nick Savoca, the leader of YWAM Metro New York, who initiated these "Prayer Stations".

The New Yorkers, who have gone through the tragic terrorist attacks in 2001, probably have the same heart with London. With the warmest regards, the YWAM New York volunteers come to London to start the prayer initiative for the weary souls. From 7th to 14th August, the volunteers will spend four hours each day at each of the three underground stations.

Churches in London and YWAM London will continue with the "Prayer Stations" after the departure of the YWAM New York volunteers.

"By and large we do expect a warm reception [in London]. I think London will respond much like New Yorkers did," Savoca added.