YWAM founder diagnosed with stage 4 cancer

The founder of Youth with a Mission (YWAM) has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, his wife has shared.

Loren Cunningham's diagnosis was confirmed by a biopsy followed by a full body scan last month. 

His wife Darlene said in a Facebook update that some "slow-growing" nodules on his lungs turned out to be cancerous. 

Sadly the 87-year-old's cancer is "extensive".

"The results from that scan have just come in, revealing that there is extensive cancer in Loren's lungs, bones, and lymph system (stage 4 cancer)," his wife confirmed. 

Despite the sad news, Darlene gave thanks for supporters' prayers for Loren's health as well as the "miracle" that the cancer has not spread to his brain. 

"Another [miracle] is that Loren is able to be quite active at this time!" she wrote in her post. 

She expressed her trust in God and the power of prayers for her husband, who founded YWAM in 1960 at the age of 24.

"We believe with all our hearts that these miracles are an answer to the prayers of the Saints. Everything about this case has been unusual," said Darlene.

"The oncologist said that usually, lesions in the lungs grow very quickly; Loren's have grown very slowly. 

"We don't know whether that will be characteristic of the growth of the other lesions as well. But what we DO know is that he is in God's hands."

She continued, "We have already decided as a family to prioritize Loren's QUALITY of life over trying to extend the length of time, through chemo or other treatments that could reduce his energy and productiveness.

"He has Jesus, family, friends, and vision. Who could ask for more?"