Xiaomi Yi Camera vs GoPro Hero 4: GoPro threatened by Xiaomi's $64 action cam?


After the release of its aggressively priced Mi Note and Mi Note Pro smartphones, Chinese tech company Xiaomi is planning on penetrating another market, which is currently being dominated by the American corporation that manufactures action cameras, GoPro. According to the details posted on Engadget, Xiaomi is currently testing out its action camera called the Yi Camera by strapping it on to cats for the purpose of fulfilling a marketing campaign.

Thanks to the company's aggressive pricing strategy, Xiaomi's camera is going to carry a price tag of $64. GoPro's most basic action camera is currently retailing for $130, which translates in the product being twice as expensive as the Yi Camera. In addition, Xiaomi's offering also delivers better performance compared to the $130 product. For starters, the Yi Camera is able to record 1080p videos at a steady frame rate of 60 FPS while GoPro's offering is able achieve that record at exactly half that frame rate.

Furthermore, Xiaomi's action camera comes with 64 GB of internal storage while GoPro's offering only offers half that amount of storage. To top it all, GoPro is not giving away any useful accessories but Xiaomi's aggressive pricing is also coupled with the firm not taking any shortcuts because it has bundled a helmet mount and a cat harness in the $64 price tag. The remainder of the hardware specifications of the Yi Camera have been detailed below:

  1. A Wi-Fi module
  2. 16 megapixel camera
  3. A backside illuminated Sony sensor
  4. A 155 degree wide-angle lens
  5. 3D noise reduction
  6. Digital image stabilization

Xiaomi's Yi Camera is currently only available in China but there it is expected that the 3rdlargest smartphone maker in the world will branch out to other regions, with the United States the next country in the company's crosshairs.