Xiaomi smartwatch rumors: unreleased wearable to take on Apple Watch


Regardless of how aggressively Xiaomi prices its smartphone and tablet (the company has currently only released a single slate called the Mi Pad), the company has always been criticized for rolling out products that bear a striking resemblance to Apple's iOS products. After Apple unveiled its Apple Watch; a wearable that carries a starting price tag of $349, the Chinese tech sensation will be looking to release its own smartwatch that will go head to head with the Cupertino tech giant's while carrying a much affordable price tag.

According to PhoneArena, the Xiaomi smartwatch does not carry a model name, but it is rumored to possess a large dial that will offer identification through pulse wave technology. While the feature is completely unique, implementing it will be quite difficult since pulse waves are known for consuming lots of energy. Battery technology is evolving at a very slow pace to entertain the idea of battery taxing tech being incorporated into any mobile device, particular wearables.

However, it terms of its appearance, the Xiaomi's smartwatch is expected to be a highly decorated wearable, packing a brushed metal design, which is the exact same feature that is present on HTC's One M9 smartphone. While no other details are present at this current time, Xiaomi will most likely be releasing teasers to keep the globe thrilled on its next product. This is not the first time that the Chinese smartphone maker has dug its hands into the wearable industry.

The company is also planning on releasing the successor to its Mi Band fitness tracker. The original Mi Band fitness tracker was initially launched in the summer and since it too featured a competitive price tag along with useful features, the company was able to ship over a million units in just a time span of three months after its official release date. It is expected that the upcoming fitness tracker will be equipped with an NFC chip, Bluetooth module and an accelerometer.