Xbox One 'Neverwinter': download free to play MMO now

Arc Games website

As announced last month, the MMO game "Neverwinter" is now available for download on Xbox One. This is good news to fans that have been waiting for the console release and are worrying about any setbacks as to what has happened with other anticipated titles this year.

According to the game's publisher, both they and the developer worked feverishly to make sure the game stays its course and will launch as scheduled.

Bryan Huang, CEO of Perfect World Entertainment, said: "Our development team has worked relentlessly to ensure that the 'Neverwinter' experience lives up to console player's expectations for a high-quality free-to-play MMORPG. We're excited to welcome players to the Forgotten Realms and continue to build on their experience as we release updates throughout the year."

Game publisher Perfect World and developer Cryptic Studios say that the massive multiplayer online game will launch across 33 regions in Europe and North and South America. The title, "Neverwinter" is based on the massive world of the "Dungeons and Dragons" franchise available as a free content for Xbox Live Gold members.

Basically, the game will be a direct port from the PC game launched in 2013, and will have all the featured content in the original game. Players will find the game familiar with all the current classes that include Scourge Warlock still playable. Added content from the Tyranny of Dragons expansion pack will also be available for players that allow their friends access to the latest "Dungeons and Dragons" update. Moreover, since the game has been ported into Microsoft's current-gen console, the game will have optimized controls and will take advantage of the Xbox One's integrated friends' list.

"Neverwinter" is a free-to-play action MMORPG and is now available on both Windows PC and Xbox One. As part of the launch, the digital copy will be available for free-to-play for Gold from the Xbox Games Store, and also available to players with Xbox Live Silver memberships.